The machine combines two major functions simultaneously. It concentrates impurities and separate stones and other heavy impurities from the grain. The machine has unique high separation efficiency because of its design. It divides the grain into two fractions light nd heavy before separating stones from the heavy.

The machine is suitable for destoning and grading of Wheat, Rice Paddy, Barely, Cocoa, Rye, Maize (Corn), Hazlnuts, Soyabean, Peas, Bajra, Gowar and Pulses and various types of seeds like Sesame, Cottonseed, Mustard, Sunflower, Groundnut and various types of spices.


The De-stoner Cum Classifier consists of two decks enclosed in special steel frame body supported by spring
system and telescopic rod. The machine is provided with large inspection area for monitoring. The outlets in the front of the machine body are for heavy and light fractions and two outlet at the rear for stones. two vibrator motor impart linear motion to the double deck frame. The product inlet feed device is fitted with automatic discharge flap which insures continous distribution on to the top deck screen. Flexible exhaust ducting is connected with micrometric adjustment butterfly valve.

de-stoner cum1 de-stoner cum classifier

Grain entering the machine spreads over the entire width of the top screen deck where it is stratified. the heavier fraction passes through the top screen and falls on the stoning deck which peforms stoning through oscillating action and fluidising air stream. Stones and other material of higher density are thus throughly removed from grain stream.

Light fraction of concentrated impurities moves forward suspended in air towards the outlet of the top deck. The concentration of fraction canbe alerted either by exhaust air or by changing screens. Different sizes of sieve screens can be provided to meet the requirement of different products in large number of industries.

Technical Specifications

Type Lenght (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Motor KW Exhaust in M3/min Pressure in mm wg. Capacity in TPH
VDSC-1000 1350 1050 1850 0.37X2 Nos 90 85 7.5
VDSC-1500 1475 1300 2040 0.55X2 Nos. 150 135 15
VDSC-2000ND 1720 1380 2100 0.55X2 Nos. 180 135 20


* The capacities mentioned above are based on Wheat, Rye, and Maize. Capacities on other cerals depend upon their type and physical characteristics and can be provided on request.


** Since Vashist is striving continuously for improvement of it's equipment, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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