A Bucket Elevator is an endless rubber coated or cotton belting to which equally spaced buckets are attached, which elevates material and discharges the contents of the buckets at the top into a spout or other receiver. Elevators are usually vertical.


  • Vashist Elevators are slow speed to helps make it brakage free.bucket ele pr
  • Near zero back legging, helps make it brakage free also.
  • High efficiency, saves so much power that the elevator becomes free in few years.
  • High capacity, upto 100 tonne per hour.
  • Both MS and SS-304 construction available.
  • Heavy duty construction such that more than 100 feet height is possible.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Back stop arrangement provided to stop reverse rotation of belt.


Elevators can be made to suit specific requirements depending on capacity required, height and type of material to be handled.

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