The Vashist Padyy Separator Type VPT is the machine designed for complete separation of Paddy from Brown Rice. Because of the physical weight and surface courseness of Paddy and Brown Rice, it is able to separate the Paddy and Brown Rice to almost 100% accuracy.


There are two decks or nests in the machine consisting of 16 of 36 Separating trays. When the feed enters thevashist paddy separator
deck or nests through the flow adjustable feed gate, an even layer is formed on each of the separating trays . The whole deck is given special sideway motion as stock rools down towards the lowest front end of the separating trays. Right from the beginning the lighter Paddy start floating up over grain layer as they are subjected to the combined effect of specific gravity and the difference of surface texture alongwith repeated sideway motion of separating trays. At the lower front end of the separating trays the grain layers are distinctively divided into the following three flows.

  1. Pure Brown Rice
  2. Mixture of Paddy and Brown Rice
  3. Pure Paddy

Each of the separated fractions are discharged into different hoppers are provided with adjustable divider. thus

  1. Pure Paddy is sent to De-Husker
  2. Pure Brown Rice is sent for poloshing in the subsequent Machine.
  3. Brown Rice mixed with Paddy are returned to the feed of the Vashist Paddy Separator.

Key Features

  • Tailor made design for Brown Rice application.
  • Transverse slope can be adjusted at the site to suit the site requirement.
  • Lateral slope is preset at factory before despatch.
  • Very low power consumption.

Optional Additions Available:

An electronic sensing system could be provided in the primery feed box, which stops the machine as soon as the feed is interrupted.

Technical Specifications

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (TPH) On Paddy Milled Motor (H.P)
VPT-200 2050 1320 2100 2.0 1.0
VPT-300 2050 1330 2300 3.0 1.5
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