The PADDY MASTER Type VPM-4000 and Hull Aspirator Separator Type VHAS are one of the latest developments for the efficient dehulling of paddy and separation of brown roce and hulls (husk) by aspirator. It is extensively used in modern rice mill operations.


The paddy is fed to a pair of rotating rubber rolls. The uniform pressure required for efficient hulling is paddy master
maintained by pneumatic control system. An automatic sensing system at the feed inlet ensures that the rubber rolls are disengaged as soon as the flow of paddy is cut off for any reason. Thus ensuring longer rubber rool life. The degree of hulling is more compared to the conventional sheller. The mixture (brown rice, husk. paddy) thus produced is fed automatically to the hull aspirator separator to separate the hull from brown rice.

Key Features:

  • High degree and efficient hulling
  • More head rice yield (i.e low breakage).
  • Increased life span of rubber rolls.
  • Consistent rice quality.
  • Efficien separation into three distinct factions.
    1. Brown rice.
    2. Shriveled Kernel.
    3. Hulls (Husk).
  • Easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (TPH) * Motor (H.P.) Air (M3/M)
VPM-4000 1600 1500 2800 2.5 7.5 7
VHAS-400 1600 1500 2800 2.5 2 -

* Capapcity will depend upon type of paddy processed and moisture content

Specifications & design are subject to change without notice

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