The primary aim of the Drum Sieve is to separate coarse impurities like straw, strings, stones, wood, paper, leaves etc from various cereals and grains in the intake section of the mill. The machine is suited to separate impurities such as Straw, String, Stone, Wood, Paper, leaves etc. . A specially designed aspiration hood removes majority of dust and light impurities. The machine  helps to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the subsequent machinery in the cleaning section. It also helps in keeping the environment dust free.

Key features:

  1. Very easy installationdrum sieve
  2. Less space requirements
  3. Low power requirments.
  4. High output.
  5. Solid design and negligible maintenance.
  6. Double operation (Scalping and Aspiration)


The machine is all metal construction with side inspection doors. An aspiration hood (with regulating valve) is provided to aspirate the stock to ensure dust free operation. the speed of the drum is set in such a way that the gravity is more intense than the centrifugal force, that helps to achive the maximum efficiency of the machine.


Operation :

The grain to be cleaned passes through a specially designed feed roll over the revolving sieve drum of SS Wiremesh which is open at one end.  The grain after passing through the sieve crosses through a strong air current in front of the said aspiraion hood. Thus dust and lighter impurities are taken away by the air current to the cyclone dust collector of the system to which the aspiration is connected. The cleaned grain is discharged through a hopper and the coarse impurities tail over to an outlet.

Technical Specifications

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Motor (KW) Capacity in TPH Air Volume
(Cu. M/HR)
Exhaust Pressure
(mm wg)
VPS-1000 1355 1300 1500 0.55 20-40 1100 65
VPS-2000 1655 1300 1535 0.75 40-60 1500 65

* The Capacites mentioned above are based on Wheat. Capacities of cereals depend upon their type and physical characteristics and can be request.

** Since Vashist is Striving continuously for improvement of its equipment, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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