The Vibro Seperator Type VTRA is one of the latest developments in grain cleaning by machinery. It can be used both as preliminary and secondary cleaning seperator.

There being three controls (throw, stroke, inclination of sieve) the machine can be used in a large variety ofvirgo separator type
applications such as rice, wheat, paddy, barley, maize, all pulses, groundnut and oilseeds like mustard, soyabean, sesame, sunflower etc.



The main body of the machine has two decks of sieves - for renewal of both small and large impurities. The movement of stock along the sieve is brought about by the vibrating motion imparted by two vibrating devices at the feed end of the machine. Oversized and undersized impurities are taken through the spouts located at the side and bottom of the machine respectively. The cleaned stock comes at the tail end of the machine.

Key Features

  • Minimum maintenance, since moving parts in the machine are kept to the minimum. There is no other moving part except the vibrators.
  • Angle of throw can be adjusted to suit the application at site.
  • The stroke length can be adjusted as per requirment at site.
  • Screen inclination is adjustable. It is pre set at works at 1.0 to 13.5. For special applications, continuous adjustable system for screen slope can be provided on request.
  • Drive by means of double vibrators located at the feed end.
  • Free moving sieve box supported on specially designed rubber section.

 Optional Additions Available

  1. Aspiration channel Type: VAC
  2. Special magnetic separator type: VSM

Technical Specifications

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity TPH on Wheat Motor KW Aspirator Volume CFM Exhaust Pressure
(mm WG)
VTRA 2000 1450 1180 1300 4 - 5 1.1 1650 70
VTRA 4000 2100 1180 1650 7 - 9 1.1 1650 70
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