Highly efficient machine for removal of dirt deposited on cereal. Used in conjunction with specially designed aspiration channel.


Scouring is effected by a rigorous three step rubbing - grain with wire mesh scouring jacket, grain with grain and scouring machine type
grain with beaters. 

The Grain which has to be treated is fed tangentially to the impact section of horizontal scouring jacket, in which the scouring rotor is also positioned.

Key Features

  • High scouring efficiency with least breakage.
  • High capacity to power consumption ratio.
  • Minimum maintenance 
  • Easy accessibility.

Technical Specification

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity ( KG/HR) Power Requirenment (H.P)
VSC-1000 2100 530 1700 4000/6000 7.5
VSC-1200 2100 530 1700 7000/10000 12.5
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