The VJF type pulse jet filters are designed for use in grain, cereal and food handling systems as well as in machine aspiration systems. It operates continously and automatically , the only moving parts are simple diaphram valves. Dust laden air is allowed to pass through fabric filters, thus separating the dust from the outgoing air. The filter sleeves are cleaned by intermittent pulse of compressed air, sleeves are fitted on metal cylindrical frames and suspended below nozzles. They are secured to their supported flanges by quick release clips, a features that reduces maintenance time.


Designed for use in a Flour Mill as well as grain, cereal and food handling systems and cement industry. Dustpulse jet filter
laden air is allowed to pass through fabric filters thus separating dust from outgoing air.

Key Features

  • A full range of filter sizes .
  • High air to cloth ratio capacity.
  • Very low power requirments.
  • Silicon chip timer control.
  • Infrequent and simple maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Type VJF No. of Sleeves Sleeve Height (mm) Filtration Area M2 Cylinder DCA (mm) Overall Height
42-22 42 2200 36.2 1850 5145
45-26 45 2600 45.9 1850 5545
48-18 48 1800 33.9 1850 4745
56-30 56 3000 65.9 2000 6170
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