Vashist Indent Cylinder (Length Grader) is used in cleaning and grading various types of seeds and cereals. It separates shrivelled, immature and broken grains from whole grains by length.

The machine is primarily a horizontal rotating cylinder made of a special carbon steel sheet with pressed indents. The material to be treated enters the machinethrough the feed hopper and is taken up by the indents of the rotating cylinder. The short and broken grains are lifted by the indents into the collecting tray. Longer grain tail out of indents and are passed to the delivery end. There is an indicator scale provided at the tail end of the cylinder which indicated the position of the collecting tray. The position of the tray can be adjusted by a hand wheel to achieve the best separation possible.

Key Features

  • The machine can be used in parallel or in series to obtain two or more separations from a single feed.
  • The machine is such designed that the collecting tray can be inverted to clean the tray thoroughly and quickly.
  • The indented cylinder has been made split to facilitate easy cleaning or cylinder change.
  • To ensure double cylinder replacement life, compared to other locally available machines,the machine has been so designed that reversible indented cylinders can be turned , end for end when indents wear on one side.
  • To prevent dust accumulation, the machine can be connected to an aspiration system.
  • To offset the practical problems of noise and maintenance of variable speed devices a three step pulley drive device has been incorporated to achieve speed variations.
  • Comparatively higher efficiency and capacity is achieved due to about 18% more indents in unit area of the indent cylinder when compared with oter machines available in the market.
  • To keep the indent cylinder clean of any dirt accumulation, a newly developed brushing system with engagement and disengagement device has been incorporated.

indent clinder-2000


indent sylinder lg3000




Technical Specifications

Length (L) in mm
Width (W)in mm
Height (H)in mm
Motor KW
Capacity in TPH
0.75 -1.0  
1.5 - 2.0
3.5 - 4.0
  • The capacities mentioned above are based on Rice containing not more than 15% broken. Capacity of other cereals depend upon their type and physical characteristics and can be provided on request.
  • Since VASIST is striving continously for improvement of its equipments, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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