Detacher is a machine for breaking of the flaked fragments of the grind of the smooth roll passage in a flour mill. Its application will increase the efficiency of the sieving machine. It also helps reducing the load on the subsequent roller mills.drum detacher type


A simply supported rotor having a beater and conveying blades is enclosed in a drum encloser. The stock enters at the top end and leaves the machine from the bottom end.


The grind of the smooth roll enters through the inlet hopper. It is thrashed against the walls several times by the action of beaters before reaching the discharge spout. Thus all the flakes present in the incoming stock get fragmented and dislodged.

Technical Specifications

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Motors (H.P) Capacity TPH
VDD-50 605 355 410 1.5-3 0.5-1.5
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