The VBF type Bran finishers are designed to separate the last remaining endosperm adhering to the bran to ensure maximum flour extraction without causing excessive bran contamination.


The stock enters the machine tangentially, at the inlet. the stocks are thrown against an impact wall and bran finisher type

perforated screen by internal crimped beaters rotating inside. The continous impact caused by these beaters separates the last remaining endosperm from the bran particles while the bran itself is not excessively damaged. The released endosperm then passes through the perforated screen jacket, to be collected for further processing and the cleaned bran comes out of the tail end of the the machine.

Key Features

  • Increased extraction - recovery of valuable endosperm.
  • High capacity - with efficient endosperm recovery.
  • Low power and space requirments.
  • Robust, long-lasting, hygienic construction.

Technical Specifications

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (KG/hr.) Power Requirenment (H.P.)
VBF-3 1370 630 1175 350-650 3-5
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